Current Projects

Christmas Gift Box Program

  Gift Box

This project was instituted for the underprivileged kids in Sri-Lanka. The box contains materials that would be helpful for the child in her/his education.  

  Fill your Gift Box

  Each Shoebox must be valued at approximately $50 – see our suggested items! Consider lining the gift boxes with tissue paper first for a more polished, elegant look Don’t overstuff your box; make sure the lid fits on properly and doesn’t pop off Avoid including items that are overly delicate to avoid anything getting broken in transit


The high quality of our gifts is an important element that sets The Gift Box Project apart from other projects

The Collection of Boxes for the New Year  2018 has already started. We want your full support and blessings. 

Miracle Family Care representatives will be visiting Sri Lanka and distribute the Shoe boxes personally to the Children.

People who are interested in helping to sponsor and fill up the shoe boxes are requested to contact Mrs.Sherina Loganathan