Future Projects

Future Projects

  • MFC staff had met with the physically challenged individuals in Puthukkudiyiruppu who have lost one or more of their limbs due to the war. MFC is working on launching a project to offer these individuals employment. A CEO who manufactures and markets fishing nets has agreed to provide employment to individuals who are physically challenged to complete the finishing that fishing nets require around its borders. These individuals will work and be paid based on the work that is completed (in terms of piece work), and will work in two various shifts. This project takes a lot of time in planning and implementing and MFC staff is exploring the possibilities to start a factory at the correct location. 
  • Redeem girls sold for sex trade. In the coastal area, young girls are being sold in the sex trade. MFC wants to rescue or help those who rescue young girls and provide them safety as well as teach them to be self-employed. We want to teach these girls how to make expensive jewelry as their priority trade. This will allow them to build a sense of self-worth, and change the negative perspective that they have built of them and to a source of income without harm. We will also teach them to manage their finances by methods of saving, buying supplies, and on how to manage their families.
  • MFC will be expanding the sewing centres that are taking place in Katpahapuram and Kurumankadu to different areas such as Kilinochchi, and Chavakachcheri. Sewing Centres create a job market that individuals can earn and learn to independently live on their own. Upon completion of the sewing program, there will be a great job opportunity. Many garment factories within the vicinity are hiring people that know how to sew. They offer a salary of gross nine thousand rupees (Rs 9000) for beginners and will increase to gross seventeen thousand (Rs 17, 000) as experience is gained.
  • MFC will be commencing a pilot project this year where the trade of welding will be taught to 12 students. Students will learn the trade of welding over the next year. Upon successful completion of “Welding 101,” Rs 25, 000 worth of welding start-up package will be bought and given to each student, to help them start a business and build their livelihood. Currently we are looking for an easily accessible location where three phase electricity lines are available, or a location where the electrical lines can be upgraded.
  • MFC staff will select 10 individuals that were enrolled in and have completed one of the programs that we offer. Staff will select these individuals based on their performance level and will help them complete their education from grade 10 to grade 12. MFC will help individuals finish their education by providing the books, tuition, and coaching fees. 
  • MFC also wants to start a project where 10 individuals attending a university (University of Colombo, University of Jaffna, or University of Peradeniya) and provide financial assistance to meet their monthly expenses. The financing that is provided by the government is not sufficient to complete the university education. MFC will provide financial support to these selected students of Rs. 5000 monthly to help finish their education. This is to help support the students and reduce their financial burden.

South India (Bangalore)

  • Yearly, MFC provides funds to Christmas events organized by Bethel Mission in Kolar Goldfields, Bangalore. Fun filled events are organized with meals and gifts for the widows and orphans.


  • Provides monthly funds to International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ). Through the IFCJ’s “Guardians of Israel” program, we are providing lifesaving assistance to Israel’s needy in the form of food, clothing, shelter, medical and emergency care, and other essentials. Also, through their “On Wings of Eagles” program we have helped Jews make Aliyah (immigrate to Israel) from the former Soviet Union and Ukraine and helped them with their klitah (resettlement) needs once they arrived in the Holy Land.

Every year

  • Provided financial assistance to help Jews make Aliyah from the former Soviet Union through EZRA CANADA.
  • we support various ministries working in Israel.

Other Countries

  • Funded organizations in countries such as Philippines and Poland to help the poor.