MFC 2016 Praise Report

MFC 2016 Praise Report

Together We Can Make a Difference

Miracle Family Care 2016 Praise Report 


Sewing Center is one the main project for the empowerment of women who are coming from the weaker sections of the society. Last year over 47 students graduated from the sewing center. 39 were awarded sewing machine as they graduated from our skills program. This year we have 40 new students.

This year  Mrs.Sherina Loganathan and the team visited the length and breadth of the Island, distributing the  Shoe Boxes, helping the poor widows, the disabled and the neglected little ones. We Concentrated on Vani and Northern Part and helped the  Physically Challenged people from Katana.  The shoe box project 2016 was a great success, as we were able to go as a team and distribute these shoe boxes in many different regions throughout Sri-Lanka.


MFC was able to distribute many gift bags filled with school supplies, candy, and clothes to the physically challenged individual. Here we conducted interviews with them to evaluate their educational needs. A woman who was heavily bleeding for many years and could not afford the surgery as recommended by the doctors was provided with Rs 25,000 by MFC towards the surgery.    A young girl has the inspiration of becoming a judge and to hear a heart rendering story of this girl who is a daughter of Physically challenged person.  

One of the boys named peter who was in our home left some time back. When we were traveling through Therengal, we met him. He was overcome with emotion and broke down in tears. His ambition was to become a principal.  He was admitted into St. John’s College.

Three autos were presented to individuals with a physical disability for their economic sustainability.

We continued with socio - economic agenda of the upliftment of weaker section of the society with Livelihood project by creating shed for livestock and poultry. MFC purchased and donated livestock for seven widows, so that they may begin to build their livelihood. We helped 200 widows, throughout Island with clothing and financial assistance. Pregnant women were provided with care packages and monetary allowance to help reduce the burden on these expecting mothers.

MFC  was able to feed over 2,000 during our trip. This project was made possible by the kind donation in memory of Pauline Joseph.  MFC helped  Gnanam store owner who is a  blind person by stockpiling necessary goods for the Shop.