Miracle Family Care (MFC) Sri Lanka was established in 2005 soon after Sri Lanka was hit by the devastating Tsunami on December 26, 2004. Later in 2007, MFC was established as a registered charity in Sri Lanka to help those people who were in desperate need.

Our Mission

  • To provide help, assistance, experience and training to underprivileged children and adults including the poor, orphans, single parents, drug addicts, sick and/or bed ridden, mentally handicapped, elderly, abused women and children and all those who are in need of help in Sri Lanka and in any parts of the world irrespective of their race and creed.
  • To provide medical, educational, financial, material, counselling, day-care and all other services as thought necessary at no cost to the people who are considered underprivileged as described above.
  • To build or rent facilities to provide training in various vocation and skills.
  • To provide Micro Financing to projects of all kind.