Completed Projects

During the Tsunami, many people in the coastal area of Sri Lanka lost their families, their homes and their life savings. Immediately after the Tsunami in 2005, our Chief Executive Officer (CEO), visited Sri Lanka and helped those who were affected to rebuild their lives. Subsequently, MFC directors had travelled to Sri Lanka and helped people in the Northern District to rebuild their lives by providing monetary donations to various organizations as well as individuals.

Later, in May of 2009, thirty (30) years of civil war ended in Sri Lanka. It was considered over forty thousand (40, 000) civilians lost their lives in the final war. MFC raised more than two hundred thousand dollars ($200,000) to help the people in the camps.  Our workers visited many times to various camps and helped them personally.

MFC was able to put up a team of fine individuals who worked day and night to buy and supply the needs from Colombo and Vavuniya.  MFC truly thank Rev. Oral Singh and Fr. Asanka Ratnayake for their honest and dedicated work in securing the supplies and taking them to the camps through various check points after the final war in 2009.  MFC was proud to give these assistances during 2009 /2010 when the affected individuals had to go through trauma in their personal lives.

During this period, MFC helped Internally Displaced People (IDP) in thirteen (13) camps:

  • Distributed items worth over one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars ($125,000) donated by a Canadian charity in the re-settled areas. These items were shipped in a forty foot (40’ freight container which contained six hundred (600) shipping cartons of new and nearly new clothes, school bags, shoes, baby needs, walkers, wheel chairs and much more;
  • Provided milk powder for children who had no food for several days;
  • Provided clothing for the young and the old;
  • Provided essentials (21 items package) to the pregnant women in all the camps;
  • Provided funding for livelihood projects for struggling families;
  • Distributed a consignment of new clothes from another corporate charity from Canada;
  • Provided bicycles for those who had to travel far to go to school and work;
  • Purchased a customized three wheel auto for a person with no legs.


  • Helped to construct temporary homes in Vavuniya;
  • Renovated homes without roof and broken walls.
  • Provided funding to build place of worships that were damaged in Vavuniya, Killinochchi, Colombo, and Hatton;


  • Helped students with tuition fees for Higher studies in the colleges;
  • Continues to help with education
  • Provides travel allowance for a teacher who is teaching religious studies in two schools in Wanni;
  • For several years we have been providing meal allowance to “Good Faith Home of Victory,” a girls’ orphanage in the north. Since, 2011 we have increased the allowance to around four hundred and thirty dollars ($430.00 – Rs. 50,000/-) per month.

Natural Disaster

  • In 2004, South East Asia was hit by a massive tsunami that shook this world. MFC took upon the initiative to raise money, clothing, and essential needs to help the various affected regions in Sri Lanka that were devastated and needed immediate help;
  • In 2010, Sri Lanka was hit by heavy rains not seen in the past 18 years. More than half a million people were affected by the floods. MFC helped people in Batticaloa by giving cash donations to families who had nowhere to turn for help;
  • In 2013, The Philippines were hit by a destructive hurricane like never seen before. Typhoon Haiyan had affected over 14 million people out of which at least 6 million were children. MFC fundraised for this worthy cause and sent the funds to the Philippines to help those families that were devastated by this disaster;
  • In December 2014, there was heavy rain in Sri Lanka and many had to flee to shelters due to the floods. In Oyaarchinnakkulam, there was a drastic increase in mosquitoes and was causing harm to the people in the shelter. MFC provided 40 mosquito nets for those affected by the flood to help alleviate the troubles that they were going through.