Current Projects

Since 2009, MFC has been operating a Boys Hostel for those who were affected by the war and low income families. At present, there are six boys studying in the hostel and three more are being educated from their homes. These children are educated in an International School and learn all three languages of Sri Lanka.  Our hostel is on four acres of land and during their leisure time they are trained in life skills so that when they complete their studies they will have experience in various diverse fields.

In 2014, we started a pilot project of a Sewing Centre in Katpahapuram to make a living for the unemployed. Katpahapuram project was funded by MFC and was overseen by our missionary family. The first thirteen students completed their six months course “Sewing 101” and the graduation ceremony for these students was conducted in December 2014. In January 2015, another “Sewing 101” class has begun for twelve students in Katpahapuram directly under the care of MFC.  A second location was opened in Kurumankadu on February 16, 2015 for another fifteen students for “Sewing 101.”  Although we planned to equip for twelve students, on the first day of class fifteen students showed up for class and we couldn’t turn the extra three students away.

In 2013, we started a Christmas Gift program for the children in orphanages and lower income families. Shoe boxes were filled with clothing, school supplies, candies, toys and accessories. This year, we almost doubled out quantities and shipped 500 shoe boxes full of gifts. As the need is great and so many organizations have asked MFC to add their names to the list, MFC will evaluate each request and try and include more children for the following years.

In 2014, MFC started the Widows and Orphans (W&O) pilot project in Mahilangkulam. Six widows who were in desperate need were set up with a way of making income for their livelihood. Five different chicken coops were built. In each chicken coop, they were given a hen, a cock, and 25 chicks. To another, a cow was given. In December 2014, W&O was launched in Killinochchi, Chavekachcheri, and Batticaloa. In 2014, MFC provided cash donations and clothing for a total of eighty three widows and sixty children at these three locations. MFC is currently in the process of providing sewing machines and start-up packages for five widows in each of these three locations. In Hatton, twenty nine widows were given cash donations.  All livelihood projects will be closely watched and monitored by the MFC staff.

MFC continues to provide monthly allowances for a total of fourteen workers from Wanni, Jaffna and Batticaloa.