Miracle Industries

Miracle Small Industries Facilitates Women Growth

1. It provides employment opportunities to women in Srilanka.

2. It promotes entrepreneurial skills among women as special incentives are given to women entrepreneurs.

In Sri Lanka, although women contribute more than men to the national GDP their participation is much less in many other areas including business and politics. Some women who do well in business are not exposed.

Miracle Small Industries Brings Balanced Regional Development

1.It removes regional disparities by industrializing rural and backward areas and brings balanced regional development.

2.It helps in improving the standard of living of people residing in suburban and rural areas in Srilanka.

Miracle Small Industries Helps in Mobilization of Local Resources

1. It helps to mobilize and utilize local resources like small savings, entrepreneurial talent, etc., of the entrepreneurs, which might otherwise remain idle and unutilized. Thus it helps in effective utilization of resources.

2. It paves way for promoting traditional family skills and handicrafts. 

3. It helps to improve the growth of local entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals in small towns and villages in Srilanka

Miracle Small Industries Ensures Social Advantage

1. MSI provides employment to people and paves for independent living.

3. MSI helps the people living in the rural and backward sector to participate in the process of development.

Project Accomplished in 2017

We continued with socio-economic agenda of the upliftment of weaker section of the society with Livelihood project by creating shed for livestock and poultry. MFC purchased and donated livestock for seven widows, so that they may begin to build their livelihood. We helped 200 widows, throughout Island with clothing and financial assistance. Pregnant women were provided with care packages and monetary allowance to help reduce the burden on these expecting mothers.

Three autos were presented to individuals with a physical disability for their economic sustainability.

 Miracle Water Pump was donated to a village for the benefit of the rural community.