Miracle Tailoring

Summary: This project intends to give skills training in tailoring & embroidery, fashion designing courses for sustainable livelihoods to women. With this vocational skills, trained women live with dignity by being independent. During this training, beneficiaries will learn and develop skills in tailoring & embroidery work.

Challenge: Destitute Women are facing atrocities & harassment at workplace. Due to lack of financial independence, they have no role in decision making. They are treated as second-class citizens. They lack employable skills & sustainable and dignified livelihoods.

Solution: This tailoring & embroidery project intends to create an economic development of destitute women & break poverty. Tailoring & Embroidery training will provide self-employment at their homes, giving them a daily income and enabling them to buy groceries, necessary medicines and make them capable to pay tuition fees for their growing children. Investment in destitute women is a proven path to reduce poverty. 

Long-Term Impact:  The income of destitute women will be enhanced and they will be independent.  With this skills training, women will be self-reliant. The economic development of women will increase and they will be able to participate in decision-making process.